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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Del Rey Ventura

We had a very nice time in Marina Del Rey and would like to thank Errol 'Deerfoot II', Jeff and Gayle 'Lazybones' and Fielding and Nancy 'Regatta' for showing us around and making us feel welcome. We had fun cycling on the beach bike path and seeing all the sights from Santa Monica to Manhatten Beach. Restaurants we can recommend: Sidewalk Cafe, Venice; Killer Shrimp, MdR; Tony P's, MdR; Rockin' Fish, Manhatten Beach.

Katie's birthday celebration on April 4 was part of a month long festival of reconnecting with old friends in ports all along the coast. Some Cheesecake Factory treats made the special day even more festive.

Yesterday we motored 50 miles up to Ventura and are now at Dave and Diane Wyman's house in the Keys with Interlude on their dock (34d15.6'N, 119d15.9'W).

The wind will be picking up over the next few days (its blowing 35 out in the Channel Islands now) ruling out any more hops north for a while.

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