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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Day 3

After a rude but brief 30 kn rain squall this morning our conditions have settled in to a nice 17 kn trade wind with Interlude beam reaching at 9 kn. We sailed thru more Korean fishing activity but only as indicated by AIS signals from the boat and net. Any more than a few miles away and we can’t see the boat and more than a couple cables away we can’t see the net buoys.

While at anchor in Penrhyn we were able to repair the B&G masthead unit that gives us wind direction and speed. Also, repaired was the sea water cooling system for the air conditioner (nice to have in these latitudes). As you can see in the photo below, we deployed all awnings and even started using a small silver tarp on the topsides at the refrigerator and freezer to keep the dark paint cooler in this area. This will always be the sunny side while at anchor in the trades.

Repairing the masthead wind instruments in Penrhyn

On June 13, 2024

1200 Cook Island Time

1500 PDT

1000 NZST (June 14)

Our position was:

12d15.1m S, 163d09.3m W

COG 238dT

Noon to noon:  193 nm

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