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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flagrante to Frapa

We spent a couple days just relaxing at Otok Drvenik Veli in a bay called Uvala Krknjas (45 ft, 43d26.33N, 16d10.37E). Many yachts came and went with about half staying the night making a little more room and giving us some distance from all the nude European boaters. Swimming, sunning or just lounging in the cockpit, male, female, kids it didn't matter they were everywhere.

On Thursday we moved up the coast to the mainland village of Rogoznica and anchored twice on the east side of the island. The first time was cut short when a thunderstorm with its wind shift had us too close to the beach so we re anchored off the causeway making sure to avoid the area marking an underwater power line (60 ft, 43d31.86N, 15d58.33E). We walked around the harbor to investigate Marina Frapa, one of Croatia's newest and found several mega-yachts as well as a couple from Jersey (old not New) we meet on Otok Mljet. They keep their yacht based here in Marina Frapa and have been cruising Croatia for the past two summers.

Friday we inspected and cleaned Interlude's bottom using some new plastic trowels purchased at the local hardware store. We rented some tanks from Diving Center Pongo just around the point from where we are anchored and kept them in the dinghy for connecting our hooka hoses. Our compressor needs a new safety valve and although there is a good shop in Split at the ACI marina we are are trying to wait until August in Malta to do any repairs when Interlude will be in a marina. We considered doing some dives with Pongo (they will pick up from our yacht) but the water is cold (7mm w/hood) and the touted small fish, gorgonian sea fans and wrecked freighters just did not excite us that much.

Tomorrow is Independence Day and Katie has a patriotic program planned.

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  1. Our mundane lives pale in comparison, Katy and Kurt, but we all rejoice in the adventure your reports show are within our reach. Of course, there's adventure to be found under the apple tree in our backyard, too.