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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Antigua Old Year

After watching some of the megayachts (Maltese Falcon, Elena of London, Rebecca, etc.) race the buoys here on New Years Eve, we went ashore for dinner at Nelson's Dockyard. The yachts lining the quay and at anchor had their decks and rigs all lit up in full opulance mode. Live music and a crowd of about 300 kept us going until midnight when the hilariously paced fireworks started. These guys must have been stoned, ran out of matches or both. The anemic start was about five minutes late and then a burst would go off every few minutes with a huge finale about a half hour later. The hillside at Freeman Bay where we are anchored was ablaze with a brush fire heading for Shirley Heights and the fire brigade took about an hour to get there.

Everything seems OK this morning - another year, another day in paradise. Feeling a bit 'Antigua' (Spanish for ancient) today though...

We wish you all a happy, healthy new year.

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