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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Underway Day 3

Still motoring non-stop although we did have a headsail up this morning for a half knot boost to 9 kn.

As some of you may recall Interlude had a mosaic of orca jumping in the sunset behind the stove. That mosaic was falling apart and was replaced by some glass and stainless clad tiles in a subway pattern during the Fort Lauderdale refit last year. At sunset yesterday some spinner(?) dolphins re-created the scene out the galley portlight and stayed with us for quite a while (photo next week).

This afternoon we passed close by Acapulco admiring the cliffside architecture and looking for cliff divers. This legendary city no longer holds the appeal for cruisers it once did and so we gave it a miss. No cliff divers but the jumping manta rays along the beach to the west gave us a good show.

2300 UTC position: 16d54'N, 100d09W following the beach 2 nm off.

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