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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Underway Day 4

Our rebuilt ISUZU engine has been running for over 80 hours now and if it were in a truck that works out to over 5000 miles. We did a fluids change before starting this leg and 24 hr checks show all levels OK.

There was some vessel traffic today with three sail and one powerboat heading down the coast. The Amigo SSB Net this morning gave us a chance to chat briefly with friends we haven't heard in a long time. On this trip we are bypassing some popular cruiser hangouts in favor of going where it is cooler and finding even more cruisers to hang with. Last night we passed Zihautanejo and Ixtapa and tonight we will be going by Manzanillo (Las Hadas), Navidad, Tenecatita and Chamela before the sun comes up. The last time we were anchored at Las Hadas (2003) we felt the boat vibrating from a big earthquake and immediately put to sea.

We are off the weather fax charts from NMG New Orleans, LA and are now getting charts from NMC Point Reyes, CA.

2300 UTC position: 18d17'N, 103d33'W (St. Elmo lighthouse abeam) about 24 hrs to go to La Cruz, Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta area). That puts us about half way from Panama to San Francisco.

Hope we have enough fuel...

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