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Monday, June 4, 2012

Conception Conservation

We had a very nice time exploring Conception Island. Anchoring first on the east side near Booby Cay (23d50.12 N, 75.05.57 W, 18 ft sand) where there was a bit of swell which the owner did not prefer. So the next day we moved over to the west side and anchored off the mouth of the estuary (23d49.22'N, 75d07.55'W, 30 ft sand). We took our Hobie Mirage Drive kayak into the estuary at full ebb which would have been impossible without the the foot powered drives (of course we could have gotten up a little earlier and had slack water). Up the 'creek' we saw many small sea turtles, egrets, terns, small fish and one guy on a PWC who felt compelled to blast up there three times to show various guests. Of course they didn't se any wildlife and we had a very peaceful lunch floating back down stream once they had gone.

Although the diving is said to be excellent right where we were anchored on the west side we didn't feel safe given the strong currents and with only the two of us diving.

There is an SSB radio net every morning left over from all the yachts that crossed the Atlantic Dec/Jan called the Magellan Net (0900 local, 8161 USB). Some yachts went south to Panama and some like us are headed north. We are reconnecting with a few that we meet in the Med and it will be fun to eventually see friends again on US East Coast.

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