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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Interlude Underway Day 2

We have been making good progress with the help of 2-4 kn of Gulf Stream current. Yesterday we were in tradewind sailing conditions with the genoa poled out to port and the full main to starboard doing half wind speed. Top log goes to Katie who on her watch hit 15 kn per GPS (12 kn thru the water).

This morning some gremlins in the GPS requiring a cold start and the heading sensor (electronic compass) also needed a reboot. Maybe Interlude is still trying to find her bearings not having been this far North since Croatia.

1200 UTC position: 36d45.1N, 72d55.6W, heading 049M, 10 kn.

We took the whisker pole down this morning and are now on a nice beam reach heading for Cape Cod. The Gulf Stream is about to take right turn however so we will be losing our free ride.

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