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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Islas Tortugas

Yesterday we motored about 60 nm northwest in calm conditions from Manuel Antonio Park to the Islas Torgugas on the West side of Golfo Nicoya (we spotted on 'tortuga' on the way in. We bypassed several rolly anchorages and expensive marinas to find flat water with a cool light breeze off a small beach at Isla Alcatraz (9d46.75'N, 84d53.75'W, 26 ft). This is a tourist area with day trippers going to the beach at Isa Tolinga and divers on the small islet (Turtle Rock)and rocks nearby. By 1700 they were all gone and we were left with only one Canadian cruising yacht also heading north. We bought three lobsters ($20) from some local fishermen and had a nice feast finishing off the evening with a couple episodes of West Wing on DVD.

At 0000 we awoke to a wind shift to the north piping up to 25 kn and within a short time had some two foot chop in the anchorage. The anchor reset itself well in sand after the 180 degree shift but we put on the chartplotter anchor alarm for good measure since the beach was now at our stern. If its not one thing its another - if its not swell roll its wind chop... In this case the wind chop was still better than swell roll for sleeping. The wind died back down by sunrise and is probably thermal drainage from the mainland.

Today we plan to go snorkeling on 'Turtle Rock' and get to know our new Canadian friends better. All the yachts on the Pan Pacific SSB net this morning are heading south so to find a yacht going north to Mexico with us is rare.

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