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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Underway Day 2

We are having a fairly easy passage (so far) with mostly light winds except for a few hours near Punta Mala where it piped up to 20-25 kn on the beam. We have been motoring on and off and are now under power with 8 kn of wind on the nose.

1500 Local Position: 7d20'N, 82d03'W, (approaching tiny Isla Montuosa, Panama) course 300 M, speed 8.3 kn.

Ship traffic has been moderate but we have stayed inside the shipping lanes. Only the National Geographic MV 'Sea Lion' is skirting the coast.

Kurt checked in to a couple amateur radio nets including the Caentral American Breakfast Club (1300 UTC, 7083 LSB) and the 24 hr Maritime Mobile Ham frequency 14300 USB where we heard net control in Misssouri and the station he was talking with in Florida. The SSB Amigo net (1400 UTC, 8122 USB) in Mexico was still very light copy and the Pan-Pacific Net (1400 UTC, 8143 USB) was not readable today.

We still have about 110 nm to go and so should arrive in Golfito, Costa Rica early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. The NMG weather FAXs out of New Orleans show a gale blowing in the Caribbean where we just left. Maybe that's why they call them the San Blas (Sand Blast) Islands :)

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