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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baja Bash Day 1

We just shut off the engine after 24 hrs of motoring across the sea formerly known as Cortez. Cabo is still about 65 miles away where we begin the Baja Bash proper. For now we are sailing nicely under full main and code zero genoa in light northlerlies making wind speed on a close reach (7 kn in 7 kn).

Katie has prepared several meals so we have quite a menu to chose from:
Chicken Stir Fry with Brown Rice
Chicken Pesto Pasta
Bean Soup
Chicken Tacos
Pizza (ordered and frozen from Falconi's in La Cruz)
Banana Bread
Date Bread

Our freezer should be empty when we reach San Diego or Customs will confiscate all meat, eggs, fruit and veggies. Fish is OK and maybe some cheese bought on the US East Coast.

1600 UTC Position: 22d18'N, 108d50'W

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