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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baja Bash Day 4

We did not stop at Turtle Bay yesterday afternoon and made it to the Northern tip of Cedros Island at sunset in calm conditions. Then coming out of its lee we hit 20 kn of cape effect wind and chop for about an hour before the headwind settled down to 8-12 kn for the night. Throttling back to a boatspeed of 7 kn for a smoother ride gives us a Sunday morning ETA at Ensenada. Fuel is said to be much cheaper there ($3.80 vs. $4.80) and we will be low again after all this motoring.

We plan to get a slip in Marina Coral ( www.hotelcoral.com ) for the night after fueling, check out of Mexico and then make our way 60 miles to San Diego for inward customs clearance and then a guest berth at the Southwestern Yacht Club (+1-619-222-0438).

1600 UTC Position: 29d40'N, 115d49'W (approaching 2 miles off Sacramento Reef)

The US Navy is advertising a live fire exercise west of the Channel Islands on VHF 16 and just reprimanded the USCG for hogging channel 16 while working a vessel in distress. Your tax dollars at work - sort of.

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