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Friday, March 15, 2013

Baja Bash Day 3

We had the mainsail up yesterday to boost our motoring speed by about a knot. The wind picked up briefly to 10 kn but the trip remains a mostly calm motorboat ride.

We made use of the electric heat last night and are wearing watch caps and fleece. There was more fog in the early morning hours and the sea water temp is now 58F (starting to see floating kelp). With fog and hardly any moon it is strictly instrument flying.

We passed only three yachts and one ship - all heading south except for the Grand Princess. Quite a few whales on the humpback highway though.

1600 UTC Position: 26d58'N, 114d16'W

Turtle Bay is six hours away and we may stop for a day or so if it will be calmer later.

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