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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Atlantic Crossing Day 12

We have set ships time back one hour twice so far (every 15d longitude: 15x24=360). Starting to get jet lagged. Other astronomical occurrences of interest include an eclipse of the moon night before last. We unfortunately had too many clouds to see it directly but the sky did get abnormally dark for a while.

Katie saw another yacht last night - that makes three plus a fish boat. That's twice as many boats at sea than we saw sailing 6,000 miles in the Pacific from Mexico to New Zealand or New Zealand to Bikini and back.

Noon to noon: 184 nm, 265d T.
12-22-10 noon position: 15d 16'N, 45d 56'W

Still holding 15d N for the best wind and avoiding squally conditions and more distance further south. We have jibed a couple times for better wind on the poled out genoa with wind shifts from ENE to ESE. Got to go investigate a sewage leak in the forepeak...

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