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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Atlantic Crossing Day 6

We have been having a great sail on a close reach in light winds using our biggest headsail the Code 0. Katie calls this the jewelry sail because the whole rig with furler, spectra sheets and halyard costs about as much as a Coco Chanel watch Kurt has been discouraging her from buying. We rarely get a chance to use this sail and it has been hard to justify its expense (just like the watch).

After two days of fishing we finally did some catching with a small Dorado (pink squid lure). Yummy Sashimi dinner but it has been so long since we caught a fish that the sushi rice, soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi have all gone stale.

Noon to noon: 124 nm 221d T.
12-15-10 noon position: 20d 01' N, 25d 25'W

Most of the fleet behind us is headed more southerly toward the Cape Verde Islands to take on more fuel. It appears this year's crossing will not have an easy fast tradewind sail.

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