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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Atlantic Crossing Day 5

We had some excitement yesterday with three orcas swimming around us for a short time. We happened to be under sail gliding along at eight knots in smooth seas when they came to investigate. Orcas are known to hunt in packs to take a whale. Aluminum probably doesn't ping like blubber so they left us pretty quickly.

Noon to noon: 204 nm 227d T.
12-14-10 noon pos: 21d 35' N, 24d 02' W.

Last night we finally got our wind shift along with some squally rain. We motersailed for a few hours while the weather settled down and we could lay a good course to the SW with the wind veering from SSE to WNW by this morning. We are now making reasonable progress toward the SW and hopefully some tradewinds in a couple days.

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