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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Elaphite Eli

After a failed attempt to anchor at Uvala Lopud, Otok Lopud (too much weed on the bottom), we found a nice spot off the quaint village of Luka in Sipanska Luka on Otok Sipan (22 ft, 42d43.73'N, 17d51.49'E). If you haven't figured out the Croatian by now, Uvala is Bay, Otok is Island and Luka is Harbor or Port. Luka was a sleepy little town of about a couple hundred people (the biggest town on the biggest island in the Elaphite Group), two mini-markets, a nice old hotel and about four restaurants. Ferries arrived frequently at the jetty and we were glad to be anchored out of their way and also glad not to have taken a mooring as one yacht found out after almost hitting the sea wall when it dragged. We took a walk up to the Campanile overlooking town and then down another way to walk the shoreline to the isthmus where a wedding party was being held at a small facility. On the way we meet Elijah the artist who after showing us his gallery, invited us to make some music and have some drinks that night at his home. We then meet his companion Lila who sang and played guitar and piano. With great food, drink, music and a spectacular lightning show getting ever closer at about midnight we decided it was time to get back aboard before the weather got too crazy. A low pressure area had been forming all day and night (1000 mB) with huge thunderheads. We never got any rain or wind but the forecast cast showed a change in wind direction to the NW later in the week so in the morning there was a mass exodus of boats from the north facing bay.

Our next bay, Luka Polace on Otok Mljet (45 ft, 42d47.47'N, 17d22.59'E), was an all weather anchorage in a national park. We had a nice sail beam reaching there in 10-15 kn SW wind. The scenery here is pristine: Lush green temperate climate vegetation clinging to grey twisted rocky ground on high hills and cliffs. We hope we are here early enough in the season to avoid playing bumper boats in this enclosed anchorage. Already there are four Gulets and five yachts anchored with some of them tying to shore and what looks like regular ferry service.
Tomorrow we will explore the Park ashore.

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