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Monday, June 14, 2010

Magnificent Medieval Montenegro

We are really enjoying the Gulf of Kotor, Montenegro. After catching up on sleep following our overnight passage from Corfu, we set off early in the morning to climb up to the Castle of St. John, a one hour walk up 1,350 stairs to ascend 1,200 feet (entrance 2 euro/pp). With a beautiful view of the harbor, Old Town and Venetian fortifications it was stunning. After working up an appetite we scored some amazing cheeses, olives, nuts and fresh produce (raspberries 2 euro/basket or $2.50 US). Checking out the fuel station we should have refueled in Kotor as diesel is listed at 1.10 Euro/liter vs. the 1.45 we paid in Greece.

Back on the boat we cooled off in the fjord's fresh water halocline - a nice change from the salty Med. Hearing a live band starting up at the 'Malibu Beach Bar' nearby we swam ashore and were greeted to free drinks on its opening day of the season. We closed the place down with the locals and insisted on giving the cocktail waitress who keep bringing us rounds and rounds of free drinks a nice tip for her services. Kotor, Montenegro is reasonably priced, amazingly clean (they have someone rake the beaches twice a day) and filled with Medeval architecture.

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