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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aruba Arrival

We took our time getting into port, slowing down to arrive at dawn. On final approach we turned on our new LED spreader and cockpit lights to gybe the reefed mainsail and were soon spotted and hailed by the Aruba Coast Guard. They came along side and asked us to talk on the radio but their's wasn't working. So we yelled a few answers back at them (no firearms, two persons, coming from BVI etc.) and they left us alone.

We entered Barcadera Harbor at dawn (as required now by new regulations) and  instead of tying up to a nasty concrete wharf or some slimy trading vessel we dropped the hook 100 ft off (12d28.74'N, 69d59.85'W, 35 ft) so the Captain could dinghy in for immigration and customs (right there in the harbor complex). A hour later (no fees) and we were hoisting anchor and heading for Oranjestad to inspect our new home for a month: the Renaisance Marina and Resort. Our reservation starts tomorrow and the marina staff is off today (Sunday) so we will remain anchored just outside (12d30.58'N, 70d02.11'W, 40 ft) with six other cruising yachts. We'll give a full report of the marina amenities later.

The weather fax shows two possible cyclone formation areas within the next 48 hours: One similar to where Rafael started (the storm that threatened us briefly in the BVI) and one just north of us. Looks like we got down here just in time.

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  1. Guys having a vacation in aruba and Sailing aruba was amazing experience with my pals. love this place will be back soon.