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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Underway Day 3

With another squally night forecast and no reason to hurry into port for a night arrival, we shortened sail to stays'l and reefed main. With this combination we are still making a respectable 7 to 8 kn and can easily weather 25 to 35 kn squalls. The downpours have been spectacular though, keeping Interlude well rinsed of salt deposits.

There have been a few ships (mostly going east or west to or from the Panama Canal) and we have taken to fine tuning the radar to distinguish between hard targets and rain clouds.

Today is still overcast with scattered rainshowers and because we have been sailing without running the main engine for over 24 hrs, are now running the auxiliary generator and air conditioning (and charging batteries and making water). It is a little spooky how hot air can come out of those rainclouds and it is nice to be sealed up in our 'spaceship'.

1300 UTC position: 13d47'N, 68d39'W, course 232M, speed 7kn.

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