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Monday, October 8, 2012

Land Jo (st Van Dyke)

We arrived at Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke at around midnight dropping the hook well outside the mooring field before moonrise in pitch blackness (18d26.36'N, 64d45.08'W, 50 ft). We had been there before many times and so knew the area well (the GPS chart plotter, RADAR and previous tracks also helped quite a bit). Inward clearance was fast and easy this morning at the police/customs/immigration building just across the path from the town jetty (to the left of Foxy's).

Surprisingly, our cheap prepay ATT cell phone worked to call Kurt's brother who was anchored with his chartered motor yacht in the next bay (White Bay). We arranged a rendezvous at Long Bay (Foxy's Taboo) for some midday cocktails and a hike to the 'Bubbly Pool' where we all had fun getting blasted off rocks by the surf and swirled around this big natural jacuzzi with 85F sea water.

Later in the afternoon we moved across to Cane Garden Bay on Tortola and anchored during a tropical downpour amidst the many empty moorings (low season). The rain augmented a much needed boat wash and we still needed to tidy up below to get ready for visitors.

We'll let those vacationers party it up ashore tonight and we will get some good sleep so we can keep up over the next week.

Passage Stats:
Distance (as the crow flies): 1427 nm
Distance (thru the water): 1392 nm
Distance (over the bottom): 1530 nm
Time: 7 days, 13 hrs (181 hrs)
Avg Speed (thru the water): 7.7 kn
Avg Speed (over the bottom): 8.5 kn
Max Speed: 15 kn
Best 24 hrs: 210 nm
Time Motored: 63 hrs
Least Wind: 3 kn
Most Wind: 25 kn
Coldest Seawater: 63F
Warmest Seawater: 86F
Fish Caught: 5 Dorado (Mahi Mahi)
Fish Taken: 3 Dorado

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