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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Underway Day 5

Fish On! Landed a nice little one eyed Dorado after having the line in the water only fifteen minutes. Our first fish since some throw-back barracuda in the Bahamas in May. Of course we hooked right after setting the whisker pole (now going wing & wing) and after setting all that sail the captain did not want to take any of it in so the owner had to reel in hard with the fish fighting the whole way.

Some minor repairs to the whisker pole car control line blocks: A three part tackle came crashing down on deck yesterday when the locknut holding the block worked loose. Now all repaired with the two portside blocks getting new locknuts.

1300 UTC Position: 30d25'N, 65d 27'W, course 191M, speed 7 kn.

For those interested in hearing us, we are checking in every day on two radio nets:
Magellan Net, 1300 UTC, 8161 USB and Southbound II 'Herb' weather net, 2030-2100 UTC, 12359 USB.

Both tropical storms Nadine and Oscar appear to be behaving themselves and staying well east of us.

BVI: 700 nm to go!

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