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Monday, May 27, 2024

Day 12

As we approach the ITCZ and leave the Pacific High our wind is subsiding and becoming more unstable. This morning we cleared the deck of numerous dead flying fish and squid, furled the genoa, stowed the whisker pole and deployed the code zero. We are now beam reaching with 7 – 10 kn of breeze. The seas are also calming down and additionally, this sail plan gives us a smoother, less rolly ride. Here is today’s GRIB file with the wind arrows showing speed and direction:


The more colorful graphic from Windy.com shows the Pacific High, ITCZ and our destination at Penrhyn:


At 145d longitude, we have entered a new time zone should be changing our clocks today. Penrhyn, belonging to the Cook Islands, is three hours behind PDT. To keep our space-time continuum jump manageable we have decided to make the time change when we arrive at Penrhyn.

On May 26, 2024, our position at

1200 Interlude Time

1200 PDT

0700 NZST (May 27)


6d34.9m N, 145d13.6m W

24 hr noon to noon:  165 nm

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