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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Day 8

We are now at about the same latitude as Hawaii and are feeling the tropics. The daytime temperature is over 85 F (29 C) with a sea temp of almost 75 F (24 C). We are down to shorts and tee shirt. If the sky clears and it gets any hotter we will have on even less on and break out the wet washcloths for evaporative cooling. We can now see the bruises from all the ‘turbulence’. In the last report we said the motion got as bad as the worst airliner turbulence. It was not as bad as Tuesday’s Singapore Airlines flight from Heathrow however.

We mentioned downloading podcasts to our phones while Starlink is on for entertainment later on watch. With our subscription to Spotify we are getting the latest from Tucker Carlson, Megyn Kelly and Joe Rogan.

Some good episodes so far:

Tucker interviews Dave Smith

Tucker interviews Aaron Rodgers

Tucker interviews Tulsi Gabbard

MK with Dan Bongino

Rizwan Virk on JRE

Gad Saad on JRE

Mike Baker on JRE

On May 22, 2024, our position at

1200 local

1200 PDT

0700 NZST (May 21)


18d46.3m N, 137d43.1m W

24 hr noon to noon:   205 nm

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