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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Head South and Turn Right When the Butter Melts


Although this saying was coined by sailors in the Atlantic heading for the New World it has some merit for the passage to Hawaii or the South Pacific. As the May 14 photo of us off the Farallons shows, we were quite bundled up for the first few days. We look forward to that butter melting in the tropics.

Leaving a week later with the Pacific High nicely filled in would have given us quite a downwind ride. The weather this week has had its benefits however with mostly close reaching in mild conditions. We even broke out the Code Zero when things got really light. The owner gave the captain direction for a peaceful, slow passage and besides, we had to get out of that boatyard!

The tradewinds should fill in a couple days and Interlude will continue to make short work of the 3400 miles to Penrhyn.

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