Our Mission: To boldly go until we are no more!

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Day 16

With the wind dying yesterday afternoon we redeployed the Code Zero and managed to keep it up during some nighttime squalls. This morning however the sail had had enough and ripped leech to luff. We furled the tattered sail and got it and the furling gear stowed in the forepeak. Interlude is back to making 10 kn tracks beam reaching with the genoa and one reef in the mainsail.

We are starting to time our landfall at Penrhyn which would ideally be sometime midday when the sun is overhead allowing us to see the numerous coral hazards in the lagoon and make our way to Omoku village. A weekend arrival could be problematic for some clearance officials so we used the Iridium satphone to call the Government Executive Officer, Mr. Puna John Vano. He was very nice and sympathetic to our arrival schedule especially since Monday is a holiday (King’s Birthday). We agreed that Interlude could remain quarantined at anchor (flying the ‘Q’ flag)  until Tuesday when the official boarding party would process us. We have to be sure not to do any work, swimming, diving or dinghying on Sunday as the Islanders there are very religious.

On May 30, 2024, our position at

1200 Cook Island Time

1500 PDT

1000 NZST (May 31)


3d53.3m S, 153d27.9m W

24 hr noon to noon:  186 nm

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